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CSP Networked Services

We are now in a Networked World, which connectivity is unobtrusive yet always available, is moving to its next phase ..


Cloud computing and mobility are the two key elements in today’s IT focus. Enterprises moving things into cloud in terms of where they’re hosted ..

SDK Modules

Mankintech Mobile Application Platform provides necessary and key components for building, deploying and managing application ..

Collective Copyright Management Services

We represent a number of copyright holders. We help content provider in creative industries learn about the illegal ..

Operation Support Service

We provide professional& managed services for different social media platforms. We will start following up with you ..

Application development and design

In the fragmented market outside of English and Chinese, Internet products are different from user habits, so we also provide..

 Our Story

Our Story

Mankintech provides a complete range of service solutions or services to complement our production and delivery capabilities. We also recognize that one size does not fit all ..

Success Story

Here are some of the applications that have been implemented for your reference.
Variety Playback Scenario Mobile Video App
Variety Playback Scenario Mobile Video App
Intelligent Distribute Systerm Network & CMS
Intelligent Distribute Systerm Network & CMS
Online Aegisub Sys Recognition & Multieditor
Online Aegisub Sys Recognition & Multieditor
Camera Record & Voice Mix MutiFuntcions
Camera Record & Voice Mix MutiFuntcions

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Applicable industry

  • Online Education

    Educational institutions are no longer satisfied to continue to recruit students and impart knowledge through traditional methods. Online product formats that combine video, pictures, text, and discussion groups will be able to expand their business for a larger period of time, and will enable students to get education at any time, in anywhere.

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    TMT Industry

    Every media or Telecom company is upgrading its services from offline to online, from website upgrades to mobile applications, from single content to portals. Mankintech’s WOWcloud is such a cloud service that can manage diverse systems in one system. Media files and content, managing multiple terminals from websites, mobile apps and SmartTV in one system.

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  • Mobile or Web Tools

    In the field of mobile applications, we use a lot of tools every day, and we are also providing tools and related components such as sharing, commenting, transmission, counting, IM, etc. to provide developers with convenient SAAS services.

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    Entertainment and Life

    Entertainment and life are the majority of human beings every day, and the biggest part of the Internet. They are becoming different every day. We provide powerful CMS and CRM capabilities, allowing you to adjust content in a timely manner, manage content flexibly, and collect richer content. Content and pass these to your users in […]

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